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What is 1KP?

1000 Pitches is a four-week long campaign designed to foster entrepreneurial thinking among UCLA students. The event is scheduled to take place in Fall Quarter 2020. Every student is encouraged to think outside the box and submit a pitch outlining their most innovative ideas.

How does it work?

Submit a short 30-second pitch video of your idea here. Top eight pitches will get to present their idea in front of VCs on the final demo day and stand a chance to win a monetary prize.

Do i have to be a certain major?

Who is organizing the event?

Bruin Entrepreneurs is the resource and hub for all things startup and entrepreneurship-related at UCLA. We hope you will join us in sparking innovative dialogue and encouraging creativity at UCLA.

Does it have to be a business ideas?

Do I have to be a certain major to apply?

Nope, we accept pitches from every major. In fact, we value diversity of thought and encourage students from non-conventional majors (aka not Biz ECON / CS) to apply as well.

What is pitch exactly?

What are we looking for in the pitch?

We want you to be innovative and creative. We are looking for passionate students who have an amazing idea to solve a problem and to make our lives easier.

Where can i pitch?

What is a Pitch?

A pitch is when you state your idea in a way that convinces your audience that the idea is amazing. We do not have any set standards for the pitches. We equally consider an idea of recycling used clothes and another idea of going to the moon!!!

I just want a free shirt, is this OK?

Where do I apply?

You can apply through this website. Click on the “Submit a Pitch” button and fill in the form. For any more queries, reach out to us through our Facebook page or write your query in the contact section below.




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