By Bruin Entrepreneurs

it starts with one pitch



what is 1000 Pitches?

1000 Pitches is a four-week long campaign hosted by Bruin Entrepreneurs with the goal of fostering entrepreneurial thinking across UCLA. Students from all backgrounds will be able to pitch their ideas. All ideas are welcome!

how does it work?

You can submit a 30-second video of your idea or pitch through this website or our Facebook page, or find us on Bruinwalk! You will automatically get a free shirt for participating. You will also get the chance to be selected for the best pitch of the week, which we will publish weekly on our Facebook page.

At the end of our campaign, we will select the top ten ideas and host a final event. If you are selected as a finalist, you will pitch in front of an audience and a judging panel consisting of representatives from top VC firms in LA. The winners will be awarded prizes!

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past winners

First Place: Miranda Kim, Soulface Apparel

Responding to the ever increasing pollution in our environment, Soulface Apparel takes plastic and recycles it into apparel. They take plastic bottles and turn them into yarns, which is then turned into shirts, leggings, and other clothing products.

Second Place: Siddarth Pandiya, Opine

Opine is an app to facilitate debate, where you can match with people, challenge your friends to debates, and listen to others debate about an issue that you care about. For a debater, this means saving a lot of money from flying to debate competitions to find relevant debate partners. For non-debaters, this app allows them to form an unbiased, informed opinion from listening to two different sides of an issue.

Favorite Choice: Lauren Cameron, Food for Thought

An app that gives you the best meal choices for your lifestyle. The app will pull data from the health app on your smartphone and give you restaurant recommendations based on data like sleep cycles, mood tracker, etc.



Do I have to be a certain major to participate?

Does it have to be a business idea? What if I don’t have any?

Where can I pitch?

I just want the free shirt, but I don’t want to pitch. Is this OK?

What is a pitch exactly?


Nope! We accept pitches from any major. In fact, we value diversity of thought and encourage students from non-conventional majors (aka not Biz Econ, CS, or others) to try and pitch your idea!

Although a compelling idea for a startup or a business will most likely be selected for best weekly pitches and the top ten pitches, you can pitch any idea for the free shirt. We appreciate your initiative to get out of your comfort zone and put your idea out there!

You can find us on Bruinwalk during the weekdays - we will be posting in our event page every time we set up, so keep an eye out for that! You can also submit your video through our website here or send your video to our Facebook page.

Unfortunately, you can only get the shirt after you pitch. The good news is, the pitch is only 30 seconds, so it’s super short and you can literally pitch anything you want! A lot of people come up with ideas on the spot, and we love them.

A pitch is when you state your idea and convince your audience that your idea is amazing. People get creative with their pitches, so there is no exact standard. However, here’s an example from last year to get you inspired,